About Us

Welcome To Teahee SG (丸世)

Teahee SG is the first Boba Tea studio in Singapore, instead of selling drinks, we invite you here to make your own, with some passion, some style and let your creativity run wild! Teahee SG is founded by three avid travellers, who are inspired by the different types of drinks around the globe, thus coming up with their own unique concepts, that combined taste with aesthetic elements in drinks. At Teahee SG, we strive to transform Boba and drinks into art, and bringing out the inner child in each and everyone of us. Teahee SG is featured on Flagship newspaper Straits Times, Chinese Morning Daily Lianhe Zaobao, Youth publication zbCOMMA as well as Chinese Evening Daily Shin Min Daily News.


Teahee SG



We create the best drinks for you.


Just contact us and we will deliver to your party or event. We are also on Grabfood, Foodpanda and Honestbee.


Instead of just buying drinks from us, why not head in to our studio to make your own!


We strive to bring Boba Tea to the next level by injecting innovative elements.

Boba Pearls


It is our passion to create, teach and embrace Boba Tea culture.


We create drinks using natural ingredients.


We empower you with drinks making knowledge, so you can make your own drinks anytime anywhere! For business-owners-to -be, we offer business consultancy service too.


Your needs come first!