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Bubble Tea Crafting Crash Course

In this Bubble Tea Crafting Crash Course, learners will master the skills in making the most stylish Bubble Tea, keeping up with the latest Bubble Tea trend! Learners will also gain a clear understanding of the operations of a beverage business.



Price: $399 

Duration: 9am to 2pm

Pearl Milk Tea


✅ Coconut Milkshake and Bubble Tea Series

✅ Creme Brulee (Burnt Cheese-lid)

✅ Alcoholic Bubble Tea

✅ Fruit Tea

✅ Vegan Milk Tea

✅ Tapioca Pearls Preparation

✅ Brown Sugar Boba Milk

✅ Sensory Training and Tea Brewing

✅ Introduction to Milk Tea Making

✅ Introduction to Bulk Making for shops

✅ Recipe Service ( we provide you with to 30 drinks recipe )

✅ Equipment suggestion


At the end of the course, trainees are able to:

✅ Learn how to make aesthetically attractive and tasty beverages

✅ Have a clear understanding of tea processing and history

✅ Acquire knowledge about the different tea types available

✅ Prepare Boba pearls of the finest texture


✅ If you have always wanted to venture into the food and beverage industry as a business, and would like to find out more.

✅ Managers and supervisors in the food and beverage industry

✅ Anyone who is working in a café, hawker stall, restaurant

✅ Bartenders

✅ Tea Sommelier

✅ Parents with children as a meaningful and memorable bonding session

✅ Anyone who loves bubble tea!


Jeannie Bubble Tea Singapore

Jeannie is the co-founder and head instructor of the first and only Bubble Tea Studio in Singapore – Teahee SG, she is passionate in educating members of the public knowledge of Tea and drinks-making.

Jeannie was also a part-time bartender at a pub during her university days, which equips her with the relevant experiences in the F&B industry. Having been to more than 20 countries, her travel experiences has enriched her insights and enable her to apply relevant knowledge and interesting twists into the creation of drinks.

Jeannie is well-featured on numerous media outlet, including Flagship Newspaper Straits Times, Chinese Morning Daily Lianhe Zaobao, Today, Chinese Radio Station 958, Vulcan Post, Chinese Student Newspaper zbCOMMA.


Bubble Tea Barista Course Signapore
Bubble Tea Barista Course Singapore
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