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Customised Tea Blending

Satisfy your tea addiction by creating your very own tea blend. Choose your tea blend ingredients from a wide variety of tea bases, herbs and spices, and have it freshly delivered to you within 3 working days. They serve wonderful gifts for your loved ones.

How to blend your tea?


Step 1: Choose a tea base

You can choose from Black, Green, Oolong or caffeine- free base (Rooibos, fruit or herbs). Black tea has the highest amount of caffeine, followed by Oolong and then Green.


Step 2: Choose the ingredients to be blended with the base

Try to stick within the same taste profile, for example, if you would like to use more than one fruit, try to choose fruits from the same flavour category (e.g, sweet or sour)


Step 3: Blending and Packing

Flowers and fruits should be properly cut and peeled to suitable sizes. Add in the tea base first, followed by the ingredients into the mixing bowl. Mix well in bowl for at least a minute using a pestle. Once done with blending, scoop the tea blend into the packaging.

List of Ingredients

List of Tea Bases:


• Assam Black Tea

• Jasmine Green Tea

• Oolong

• Pu Erh

• White Peony White Tea

Non Caffeinated

• Lavender

• Chamomile 

• Roselle

• Rooibos

• Chrysanthemum


List of Matching Herbs


• Peppermint

• Rosemary

• Lemongrass,

• Jasmine flower

• Cinnamon rose bud

• Forget-me-not


List of Dried Fruits


• Dried apple

• Dried pear

• Orange peel

• Wolfberries


List of Spices


• Star anise

• Cloves

• Cardamon

• Ginger root

• Fennel seeds

You can customise your tea blends by ordering the items with us.

Each package comes with 80 grams of ingredients, nicely packed in a ziplock bag.

Any questions? Contact us here

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