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School Programmes

Empowering Minds,

Enriching Futures

Exploring Entrepreneurship
through Bubble Tea

In this interactive workshop, students will embark on an entrepreneurial journey using Bubble Tea as a practical case study. Through hands-on activities and guided discussions, participants will learn how to develop a business plan, identify target audiences, and innovate by creating their own unique Bubble Tea beverages.

Who is it For:

  • Students at-risk ​

  • Students who prefer hands-on learning

  • Students who are interested in F&B businesses

Duration: 2 hours weekly session, 2-3 sessions

What students will learn:

  • Hands-On Experience (Barista Skills Training) 

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

  • Bubble Tea Market Exploration

  • Business Planning

  • Pitch Presentation


Connecting mind & body through tea

In this immersive workshop, students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and emotional resilience through the practices of tea mindfulness and blending. Delving into the therapeutic qualities of tea, students will learn techniques for managing negative emotions, enhancing self-understanding, and appreciating the diverse health benefits of tea.

Who is it for:

  • Students at-risk 

  • Teachers and Educators

  • Student Welfare Officers / Student Development Team

Duration: 2 hours weekly session, 1-3 sessions​

What students will experience:

  • Introduction and Techniques of Mindfulness

  • Tea Tasting and guided Mindfulness session

  • Hands-on Tea Blending (3 blends per student)

  • Group tea blend crafting and presentation

A Journey Through Cultural Brews

In this captivating workshop, students will embark on a sensory and educational journey into the diverse cultures of the world through the lens of tea. From ancient rituals to modern practices, tea serves as a conduit for exploring the rich tapestry of global traditions, customs, and flavors that define cultural identity.

Who is it for:

  • Schools' Mother Tongue Fortnight Programmes

  • Teachers and Educators

  • Primary to JC students

Duration: 2 hours (1 session)

What students will experience:

  • Exploration of cultural and historical significance of tea 

  • Taste and Sensory Experience

  • Hands-on session on either Bubble Tea Crafting or Tea Blending

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