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Professional Courses

We empower through education

Through our professional courses, individuals will be able to equip the necessary knowledge to start a career as a professional in the food & beverage industry, or prepare themselves for career advancement.

Bubble Tea Crafting Crash Course 


• Burnt Cheese Lid Tea

• Coconut & Avocado Milkshake

• Alcoholic Bubble Tea

• Pearls preparation

• Fruit Tea

• Vegan Milk Tea

• Matcha Latte

• Milk Tea Creation

• Tea Sensory Training and Tea Brewing

• Introduction to commercial bulk         preparation

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Learn to make Cocktails & Mocktails


• How to make more than 30 cocktails

• How to make flaming shots

• The 5 mixology techniques

• Up to 20 mocktails recipes

• Introduction to bar tools and glasswares

• The classification of Cocktail

• How to design an attractive beverage menu

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Learn to Establish
your F&B Brand!


• How to gain media coverage through story-telling

• Photoshoot set up

• How to enhance attractiveness of menu

• Marketing campaigns & strategies

• The classification of Cocktail

• Website creation

Or call 8292 8615 to enquire
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